The UK times showcases Rottnest Cruises

Sea West’s Rottnest Cruises stars in British national newspaper, The Times, in an article uncovering the best Perth attractions and places that make the West Coast of Australia so appealing to travellers from across the globe.

Travel writer and WA expat, Poppy Damon returned to Rottnest to rediscover her childhood memories of the Island. Leading her story in The Times, she tells of her lunching adventure aboard our Luxe Island Seafood Cruise.

“Pulling on a rope at the back of the boat, I’m grateful for the grip of the functional blue rubber gloves I’ve been given to wear,” Poppy writes.

A few hours later all 30 passengers are feasting on our catches, grilled by Rottnest Cruise’s private chef: my haul is served with a Thai-style papaya salad, part of a seven-course menu featuring prawns, scallops and a mango-and-avocado ceviche.

poppy damon, the times, UK

Click below to read the full review in The UK Times or to book your own Rottnest Cruises’ experience for the new season of our indulgent Luxe Island Seafood Cruise.